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Alto Rouge

The ripeness and sweetness in Alto Rouge will balance the flavour of smoke, heat and spice. This full flavoured wine will also stand up against the added weight and texture derived from chargrilled meat.

Alto Cabernet Sauvignon

Salt, especially when combined with rich fatty foods, softens tannins in bold, full bodied wines such as the Alto Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alto Shiraz

Alto Shiraz; with its good tannic back bone can also bear the added weight that the smokiness lends to any dish. The delicate spicy quality, married to a dark fruitiness, makes it the perfect accompaniment to the smoky biltong.

Alto M.P.H.S.

Fermentation releases more umami flavours in full bodied, well-aged wines like the Alto M.P.H.S. The intensity of flavour in this rich wine is well matched with umami foods like the Alto Red Wine Biltong with Parmesan and White Truffle.

Alto Fine Old Vintage

Sweetness in wine balances salt and acts as a foil to rich foods. That is why the Alto Old Fine Vintage pairs well with soft, silky gorgonzola (like the Alto Red Wine and Gorgonzola Biscotti).